Art Russia

Contemporary Art Fair and International Art forum

О мероприятии

Ярмарка современного искусства Art Russia, прошедшая с 31 марта по 3 апреля 2022 года в Гостином дворе, стала масштабным культурным мероприятием г. Москвы. На площадке были представлены ведущие российские и зарубежные представители мира искусства: 23 галереи, 65 независимых художников, скульпторов и фотографов, а также 52 эксперта в области арт-индустрии.

Speakers 2022

Egor Molchanov

Head of

Mikkel Gudsøe

One of Denmarks leading negotiation, ADR and nonverbal artists

Weld Queen

Contemporary artist, sculptor

Ekaterina Smolyannikova

Art lawyer, art manager, Cartier high jewellery specialist, Sotheby’s Institute of art Alumni, collector

Anastasia Postrigay

Art historian, founder of the largest online school in the Russian-language Internet for studying the history of art OP POP ART

Alexander Fedini

The founder and head of the contemporary art gallery "FEDINI Gallery"llery". The FEDINI Gallery is a regular participant of the Art Russia Fair.

Igor Slozhenko

Co-owner of ArtPost Company

Alena Alekseeva

Curator, art blogger, publicist and author of programs on building strategies for the creative profession, speaker of many art festivals

Gleb Solntsev

Artist, member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia

Marie Agarkova

Professional artist, experienced teacher, founder of the PROacryl school

Margarita Moreva

Art curator of Art It Easy gallery, artist, organizer of Art Weekend and Inflation of joy events

Gerbert Shopnik

Founder of the NFT agency Digital Art EXPO and telegram channel Digital ART & NFT, organizer of the first NFT exhibitions in Russia

Anatoly Akue

A representative of Moscow street art. His works reflect attempts to find a new language with which to express the ideas of Buddhism and life experience through art.

Sergey Pershin

CEO of ANO «Center for Support of Cultural Initiatives», head of the art cluster «Tavrida»

Anastasia Perova

Art historian, founder of the 1artchannel art news agency and curator of the first NFT exhibitions in Russia

Yuri Omelchenko

Founder and host of the ARTpatrol contemporary art media project, co-owner Omelchenko Gallery, auctioneer

Kristina Oleshkevich

Art consultant on building a strategy for the contemporary art market. Curator of exhibitions, cultural projects. Expert in art banking and crisis analysis.

Tamara Tanatarova

Curator of contemporary art practices, art critic, entrepreneur. Co-founder of the international project to support and mentor artists Founder of street art gallery NoDoubt, exhibition project Earth.

Elena Davydova

Executive Director of the Center for Contemporary Art «MARS»

Ekaterina Manko

Founder of the International School of Painting, Advisor to the Chairman of the Youth Government of the Republic of Tatarstan on Cultural Issues

Sergey Matveev

President of R&D of the regional public organization for the development of the creative economy «Federation of Intellectual Property»

Dar'ya Iodo

Head of the federal network of art residences (Tavrida.Art)

Asya Baskaeva

Producer of the direction «fine art» of the art cluster «Tavrida»

Alyona Dyatko

Philosopher-esthetician, curator, public lecturer, conceptualizer of architectural practices

Valia Paella

Digital artist, communication specialist

Asya Golubeva

Performer, director, contemporary artist, Art Director of the Eugenius Gallery of Contemporary Art (Nizhny Novgorod)


A new media studio working with content for the metaverse

Polina Limye

Founder of and

Alena Lavdovskaya

Famous Russian fashion illustrator, artist, founder of the first Fashion Illustration Studio in Russia

Marina Malyugina

Curator, artist and deputy director of the art residence «Shipping Company Office», Tyumen

Ruslan Vyaltsev

Digital artist, included in the top 20 of the foundation international platform

Tatyana Ashutova

Ph.D., member of the St. Petersburg Union of Designers, Dean of the Faculty of Design and Advertising of the University «Synergy» Chairman of the Scientific and Educational Consortium «The Future of the Arctic architecture and climate dynamics»

Nastya Miro

Hyperrealist artist

Artyom Tkach

Digital artist, art director, curator of NFT projects

Ludmila Kozlova

Director of the «Yadro» Art Residence , Nizhnevartovsk

Tatyana Pakhomova

Head of the «Rodina» Art Residence, Tula Region

Future Culture Laboratory VZOR

An interdisciplinary team that develops the creative potential of people, communities and companies

Irina Chernykh

Art Russia Creative Project Manager

Maria Voloshina

Art Russia SMM-manager

Larisa Udovichenko

Art Russia Program Director

Curators 2022

Elizaveta Frolova

Curator, art critic, co-author of books on art, Co-founder of the Art Russia Fair

Ekaterina Smolyannikova

Art lawyer, art manager, Cartier high jewellery specialist, Sotheby’s Institute of art Alumni, collector